How to Upgrade BEPU 0.4 to 0.9 Thanks

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How to Upgrade BEPU 0.4 to 0.9 Thanks

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For anyone upgrading BEPU. I'm just a guy by the way.
I decided to upgrade my project from version 0.4 to 0.9
So I started by swapping the DLL over and re-adding the reference
As you'd imagine there were some compiler errors.
I went round these errors on my large project and using find/replace
I'm sure someone will want this some day

Code: Select all

space.addEntity()   to   space.add()
PrimitiveToolbox.constructHexahedronPhysConvexPolyhedron()   to  new Box()
Entity.getPosition()   to  Entity.centerPosition
StaticTriangle   to   Triangle
PhysSphere  to  Sphere
Entity.friction   to   Entity.dynamicFriction
CompoundBody.getBodies()   to   CompoundBody.subBodies()
Entity.rotation   to   Entity.rotationMatrix     to Entity.orientationMatrix
Entity.getMargin()   to   Entity.collisionMargin 
Entity.compoundLinearVelocity  to   Entity.linearVelocity
Entity.compoundAngularVelocity   to   Entity.angularVelocity
PhysicallySimulated   to   Entity.isPhysicallySimulated
Have fun
Thanks to the creator.
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