Visual Studio (2010) project template

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Visual Studio (2010) project template

Post by JusTiCe8 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:51 pm


I have created a (too basic) project template for Visual Studio 2010, the one I use with XNA and BEPU.
It contains (most of) all you needs to set-up a ready-to-use space, with or without threading set, and many parameters in comments (most of them coming from this [url]forum post[/url]).
It also includes a simple environment made by a ground, a big cube, the BEPU demo camera and "kapow" object.

It's just a zip archive you can directly put into

Code: Select all

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#
for example (or above in 'ProjectTemplates' folder).

After struggling to get something better, I admit to have filed on this, no thanks to Microsoft and the lack of documentation about templates (this one for example is the worth they could write, no explanation, it's so easy for them !)

I have targeted something like XNA templates, which are among the only ones to allow the choice of creating a solution directory and include another project (the content).
This current template is not very good, it doesn't contains the content project, and references path have to be defined manually I think (I have used BEPU 1.4.0).
Also, other framework could be used like SharpDX or Monogame.

If someone would like to work on this and improve it, you're more than welcome and be my guest, I would really be happy to get something easy for the beginner in BEPU.

thanks Norbo, too bad it was so annoying, it would have been nice.
I have add the full project, people will need to check BEPU's references path. I makes it works as I doubt the template really do, as it miss the content sub project.

The full project
(22.53 KiB) Downloaded 587 times
MVS project template
(214.66 KiB) Downloaded 602 times
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Re: Visual Studio (2010) project template

Post by Norbo » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:04 pm

Nice work! I have tended to avoid doing stuff like this for reasons similar to what you encountered- software archaeology isn't always entertaining :P

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