Codename: BepuBalls (WIP)

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Codename: BepuBalls (WIP)

Post by JusTiCe8 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:19 pm ... totype.JPG
(click to see pic, sorry, there is no help on displaying this pic from mediafire website on a forum, no thanks to them for not helping at all ! Are we really in 2015 ? :x )

Hello everyone,

This is a very early preview of a WIP game of skill, the goal is to throw a ball through the hoop, nothing very exiting for now.
This version also contains a loose paddle (from Pong maybe) which try to block you.

Gameplay items plans: scoring by time taken, number of bounces, obstacles (moving or not, dynamic or kinematic, including perhaps portals, gravity traps, ... ), various gravity (from Pluto maybe to Jupiter, or the Sun :) ), various levels with misc goals to achieve and score points, to unlock more levels, bonus, ... get money or something offering upgrade to cannon, balls, bonus items, ...

other features planned: menu and settings, player profile, campaign, various ball types (visual, mass, material, speed,... as basket ball, the default, handball, tennis, soccer, US football, coconut, watermelon, full lead, a mini Moon, etc) and obviously graphics and sounds.

C: change camera, a few camera have been set (cannon, ball, hoop, top), not all are working (ex: dynamic cam)
Up/down: rise/lower cannon barrel
left/right: turn cannon left or right
Left shit/Left Crtl: increase/decrease power (not limited for now) by 0.5 increment
space: fire
enter: reset ball/next ball (remove current ball)
R: reset cannon angles (back to default/initial position)
F2: bepu drawer on/off
F3: bepu drawer wireframe mode
ESC: exit

Advice: DO NOT use ball cam when shooting hard unless you like headaches ! :lol:

shot hints (DO NOT READ if you don't wish to get it easy !):

(1st three are direct shot to hoop)
cannon vertical angle power
56.46 23
51.30 22.50
27.90 27
73.09 40.5 (many bounces)

There are a bunch of issues like for example the hoop can "detach" for backboard if hit too hard (maybe destroying it will be a penalty in final game :) ) but it doesn't fall to the ground as the joint's anchor remains where it is (I guess).

Note: the two cylinders above and below the hoop are just "triggers" to detect a successful shot. Theirs positions may changed.

For now there is no source and only a compiled version (I hope it will work as-is, tested on a old win XP laptop with an Intel Gfx board), this is just because I don't want yet to show the code, it's still a mess and need a serious clean-up as well as get wild fork of it "everywhere".

If you want to join, and IF you are ACTUALLY skilled in BEPU and/or XNA/Monogame, send me a message. Also wanted: design/game/feature/concept idea, one of the biggest lack of modern games (each new game mostly copy the previous hits :evil: ) !

Comments and criticisms are also welcome.

Have (a little) fun ! :) ... nshot1.jpg ... nshot2.jpg ... nshot3.jpg

dotnet and XNA redist from Microsoft.

Download Reach Profile version
Download HiDef Profile version
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Re: Codename: BepuBalls (WIP)

Post by Norbo » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:27 pm

Nice work :)

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Re: Codename: BepuBalls (WIP)

Post by JusTiCe8 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:23 am

Thanks ;).

But, you know, I couldn't have done even 5% of it without your incredible BEPU and your invaluable help (both "passive" with the large demo set and documentation and here on the forum), so thank you :wink: .

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